Security BSides Athens 2023

Security BSides Athens was held in Athens on:
Saturday, 24/Jun/2023

Where it happen

Security BSides Athens 2023 took place at:
The Benaki Museum

Our volunteers for 2023

Volunteers are vital for the event! We are looking for volunteers who would like to help with the event at the organisation level and on the day of the conference.

The organisers are also volunteers who believe in having such an international community-based conference in Athens.

If you believe you could help us put the event together or give us a hand on the day, do not hesitate to contact us: our volunteers' email:
(staff |@| bsidesath |.| gr)

Join Us

Get Involved with Security BSides Athens! You can sponsor the event, help out on the day as a volunteer, present at the conference, attend talks and workshops, participate in competitions and most importantly, enjoy the day and have fun. Participate, network, learn, interact and share ideas with security minded people from all over the world. #BSidesAth


A big Thank You to everyone who made the conference a reality!

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CTF Partner

Hack The Box

We are very excited partnering up with Hack the Box offering trainings and CTF challenges, tailored to the Security BSides Athens community.

Supporting Partner


We are very excited to have OWASP onboard as a supporting partner. A special Thank You to OWASP London Chapter for the support.


The ASCII-ART Unicorn in console "green-on-black" t-shirt was a huge success!

The fact that we managed to design and print to that readable detail has people scratching their heads on how we did it! 🤫🤓🙀😎

We also created a limited edition hoodie that turned out to be the object of lust!

#BSidesAth #Hacker #HackerUnicorn #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #LimitedEdition

Special Mention


An honour to have ENISA (EU CyberSecurity Agency) supporting Security BSides Athens, as one of its key mission objectives is raising awareness to EU citizens on cybersecurity matters. ENISA enhances and strengthens Member States capability and preparedness to prevent, detect and respond to network and information security problems and incidents. A special mention and a big Thank You to ENISA for the support.

Community support

If you wish to support Security BSides Athens contact us. Community sponsors are always welcome.




Our Speakers for 2023

You can see all talks by pressing the YouTube logo on the right of each speaker!

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Keynote Eric Eifert

The evolution of Cyber Security and what to expect next

Speaker A. Koureleas, G. Tyritidis

Hacking your favorite Kiosk

Speaker Nick Kapellos

Harvesting low hanging fruits in Red Teaming Exercises

Speaker Xavier Mertens

Who said that Python was UNIX Best Friend Only?

Speaker Vangelis Stykas

Electryone: in the land with no sun


Speaker Panel Members

Panel Discussion - Inclusivity in Cyber Security

Speaker Sam Stepanyan

Automated Security Testing With OWASP Nettacker

Speakers Paris Zoumpouloglou &

From chasing clouds to governing them - A cloud security journey

Speaker Georgios Kapoglis

May the DFIR Force Be With You: A Pragmatic Guide to Incident Response

Speaker A.Kyriakou, T.Vogel

Shielding Europe: DNS4EU's Pan-European Protective DNS Service for 100 Million Users!

Speaker Dave Lewis

Don't Be The Catcher On The Javelin Team

Speakers Kat Fitzgerald &

Threat Modeling in 600 seconds or less (ok, I lied, more like 1,200)

Speaker Cristian Cornea

Anti-Virus Evasion through BadUSB

Speaker Marcin Niemiec

Mitigating SSRF Vulnerabilities in Go: A Practical Guide

Speaker Thomas Fischer

Responding to Lapsus$ Style Smshing Attack, or How to Out an Actor!

Speaker Sherif Mansour

It’s not a bug it’s emergent behaviour - Generative AI, it’s cybersecurity risks and benefits


Speaker Ethan Crane & Viktor Markopoulos

Defending AppSec: From Mass Scanning Low Hanging Fruit to Digging for Critical Bugs

Speaker B. Aksaray, A. Akan

How to Deal with Millions of Application Vulnerabilities?

Speaker Julian Botham, Pavle Bozalo

Securing Small Organizations. Doing More With Less

Speaker Isaac Basque-Rice

UFOSINT: Open Source Intelligence and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena


Speaker Kürşat Oğuzhan Akıncı, Talha Karakumru

How to Manage DevSecOps?

Workshop Christopher Salgado

Social Engineering: The Dangerous Bridge from Cyber World to Your physical World

Workshop Omar Morando

How to break the Modbus protocol and cause a PLC DoS

Workshop Dimitri Fousekis

Practical Password Cracking

Workshop Kev Sheldrake

What is eBPF and Why Should You Care!


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